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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

B.C. Election Campaign 2009

There is something very important happening in BC at the moment. The Vancouver Canucks are in a death struggle with the Chicago Blackhawks (series tied 1-1). Things are not looking good as the series moves to Chicago. Game 3 is on tonight. Oh, the drama!

There is also something less important happening in BC at the moment. We are in the midst of a provincial election campaign. I heard that the provincial party leaders are engaged in a series of debates. Naturally, I checked out the comedy network for the full schedule. No luck. But I did find a summary here of some recent "highlights."

The cast of characters are in the finest tradition of BC politics (they are all nuts). But I think that NDP leader Carole James really takes the cake. Here is a quote:
"We’re doing that (lowering taxes, increasing spending) within a fiscally responsible plan, a balanced budget in four years, and putting you and your family first. That’s what people are looking for in these tough times.”

That's right: she will put you and your family first. The presumption, I suppose, is that the other leaders are promising to put you and your family second.

Ms. James' platform reminds me of the fabulously funny radio campaign put on by my favourite London hangout Joe Cools in the 1980s: "Come to Joe Cools...where we'll screw the other guy and pass the savings on to you!"

Relative to Ms. James, Mr. Cools is to be commended along three dimensions. First, Mr. Cools understands the concept of feasibility (it is impossible to put everyone first; unless, of course, everyone is simultaneously put last). Second, Mr. Cools is honest. And third, Mr. Cools was actually trying to be funny. I vote for Joe Cools!

Now...back to the NHL playoffs...